Shower Replacement

If you are looking to replace your old shower with a custom-designed one, we offer expert design services that will help you create the perfect space for your needs and budget. Let our friendly staff guide you through every step from start to finish as we turn your dream into reality!


Hassle-Free Replacement/Installation Process

Replacing your shower used to mean ripping out walls and tearing up floors for days on end. That’s not how we do things at Athens Bathroom Remodeling Solutions. Our team will work fast to get you back into your bathroom without any hassle or inconvenience, no matter what type of shower you have now (tile, metal, fiberglass). We’re proud to say that our process has been streamlined over the years so that replacing your shower only takes one day! And if there are any hiccups along the way? No problem – we’ll fix them before they become an issue.


Walk-In Showers

If you’re like most people, you want to take advantage of the latest trends in bathroom design but don’t have thousands of dollars lying around for it. That’s why we created our walk-in shower remodel package – so you can enjoy the best new styles without breaking the bank! Our team specializes in creating beautiful bathrooms on any budget.

You’ll get everything included with our walk-in shower remodel package at a fraction of what others charge. This includes plumbing work, tile installation, and even painting if needed! We will also make sure that every detail of the project is taken care of and done right – from start to finish!